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Zoom, Covid, and meetings that aren't.

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Zoom. A once foreign-sounding, seemingly unnecessary app became the cornerstone of the educational system and the business world this spring, due to the worldwide pandemic most commonly called Covid-19.

This virus, or pandemic, has turned our world upside down. From wearing masks wherever we go, to schools fully online across the entire country, social distancing and face shields, our kids are experiencing something for the history books. To add to the swirl of uncertainty, Trump vs. Biden, BLM and Antifa are on the front pages of the news each day.

So, how does 2020 affect planning for developing a home? A lot of virtual meetings, emails, texts and phone calls for my brother. Can't say this is a bad thing, as it cuts down on drive time, wait time and gasoline costs.

County Assessors Map:

Instructions from county: Please begin the process by submitting a pre-application conference for a subdivision, along with applicable preliminary site plans, descriptions, etc. Once scheduled, the pre-application conference will be on Zoom. Thanks.

Dave's answer: Required documents for my pre-app conference are attached including the following docs per your instruction:

-Credit card authorization form


-County assessors map

-Existing features Arial photo

-Pre-application form (3 pdf documents)

-Site Plan

Please let me know the first available meeting date!

The land:


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