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We met Dave and hiked the property again a few days ago. This time, I took two of the boys. Mikey found some kind of a bone, and we saw multiple, enormous spiders, much to my dismay. But the tiny mushrooms popping up everywhere, birds chirping, and sunshine was beautiful. Mikey and I dubbed one section of the property the "Jurassic Fern" area, due to the waist-high ferns you have to push through in order to get around.

One interesting note- we found an area on the back side of the property that looks like it's really wet in the winter. Dave has to modify the plans and the road in order to accommodate this new finding, as no one could possibly build on it. He pulled a photo from an old real estate file after our hike:

It does look really swampy in that old photo of the "seasonal creek". Right now, as of mid-October, it's a damp forest floor, full of mushrooms and thousands of tiny green sprouts.There are layers of rotted logs, and what looks like a path where the water runs, cutting through the forest. It will be interesting to see it in a couple months.


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