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The Corningware Lady

Years ago, Poppy purchased the property from a woman known as the "Corningware Lady". We don't know much about her, other than her nickname. She owned the land, and sold it to Poppy about 40 years ago. The Corningware Lady! I wish I could ask Poppy about her. However, yesterday when my brother was at the property, a man walked over to say hello. Mr. Martin lives adjacent to our land. He is 82 years old, and has lived on his property for 60 years. My brother and Mr. Martin spent two hours talking.

Mr. Martin knows everything about the area. He's hiked all around, and confirmed there are abandoned railway tracks (see previous post). He knew Poppy, he has seen cougars out there- Dave suspected there were some- and he definitely knew the Corningware lady! Apparently, she was quite the character. A bit eccentric, she wore billowy house dresses that housed her wide girth. Her arms stuck straight out to each side. Mr. Martin bought his land from her about sixty years ago. During their conversation yesterday, he told my brother he considered buying the land we own, about 40 years ago, but Poppy bought it before he could! According to Mr. Martin, the Corningware lady needed some quick cash, and Poppy got a fabulous deal, buying it for less than the listing price. Mr. Martin didn't have a grudge though, he and Poppy became friendly acquaintances over the years, seeing each other when Poppy would go check on the property.

My brother said Mr. Martin would enjoy being interviewed, and I really hope I get the opportunity. Learning about the history of the area from him would be invaluable. I could hear about his experiences, and how things have changed over the past sixty years. I'd like to hear his stories about the Corningware Lady firsthand, and I'd love to hear him talk about Poppy.


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