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Streams, wetlands and conservation

"Title 3 / ZDO Section 709 and Title 13 / ZDO Section 706 do not apply, instead the County River & Stream Conservation Area (RSCA) / ZDO Section 704 would apply, however there is no stream in that inventory identified on the subject property, nor is there one shown in the most updated State stream GIS data feature class for streams with fish presence.

On the other hand, the stream shows up in the westerly portion of the area on the National and State Wetland Inventory. In turn, impacts to the stream could require permitting through the Corps and the State, and on our end would likely only be subject to Ordinance Subsection 1002.04, River & Stream Corridors. These issues will be addressed in detail at the pre-application conference with *** in our office, who is a Certified Floodplain Manager (CFM) and well-versed in these matters."


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