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record of survey

There are so many behind-the-scenes tasks that go into being able to develop land! Before this process actually started, I envisioned kind of buying the land, then kind of...building houses. Sure, there would be a couple permits. Oh and I knew we would need like, water. And electricity.


This week, new updates (out of hundreds of behind-the-scenes phone calls, plans, visits to property, getting the right people to help with this or that, etc.) include the Record of Survey being prepared. A plat boundary submittal is in the works. Sites for wells, land topography studies, flagging the road (the soon-to-be road, cannot wait!) and basically planning each tiny square foot of land is a full-time job and new little details happen each day. I think at this point, Dave has memorized where every hill, valley and tree is on the property. On all 29.85 acres. Actually, he probably knows where every fern and weed at this point! Haha. Good thing Dave is doing all this work- I just keep a record of it for the blog. It's a great distribution of responsibility (thanks, little brother- I'll keep pulling my weight over here!).

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