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Planning Meeting Today

We had our planning meeting today with the county. There were 8 people in attendance (via Zoom, courtesy of Covid-19). Dave had all the information ready to go, and the meeting went smoothly. Next step is still waiting for the decision on the line-of-sight issue. Dave has a surveyor scheduled for next week (Oct 14th), and we should know within the next month or so. But, everything seems positive thus far!

Dave's notes, from his latest email: Completed due diligence on costing and development and my ability to fund it : Done.

Road design and build, engineering and planning fees (Civil & Geotech), logging 5-6 acres for building sites including roadway width, land clearing, stump removal, septic perk tests and permits, well drilling costs, storm water management systems, Utilities from NW natural gas, PGE and communications.  County Subdivision site entry improvements, utility trenching costs, all associated permits, time line to submit – plat – approve – sell – build!

• Created preliminary design that was approved for submittal of application - Done.

Preliminary site plan designed by me (attached) based on flat building footprints on the land etc. which I have conducted a lot of surveys on to determine construction feasibility from a planning standpoint.

• Legal and ready – Done.

I took the time to get all insurance quoted and ready to pull policies when needed.  I also started my own company to allow me to do the job and assume all liability. 

Where are we now, and what has to happen to move forward from the county’s perspective?

Dave has met with the county and has items that need to be addressed, making sure they will accept the land use application if we move forward.  He will be addressing the following issue within the next week:

Provide survey work for the line of sight.

 At the road from the parcel when accessing the southern side we are close to the 500’ minimum line of sight.   I have to conduct survey work to determine compliance or if we need to submit for a variance.  Luckily I knew this was an issue and have it being done next week as it was scheduled a month ago.  If  we do not comply, I then have to provide a traffic study (which I will schedule next week after survey work results) to prove that the stopping distance criteria will suffice as a variance to the site distance based on the code 360 ft @ 45 mph.


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