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Lots 1-6: before logging

Dave has spent countless hours both off and on the property, working to make this development happen. Designing and redesigning these lots and how they flow, how the road is placed, everything from civil plans, to wetland protection, to which trees to keep and which to log. He adjusts the plans after walking the lots over and over, making sure they are as perfect as possible.

There are multiple goals. Dave wants to preserve as much of the integrity of the forest as possible, and must protect the wetland, while at the same time, wants to design the lots to seamlessly fit into this forest. Assorted computer programs, GPS systems, etc. have been his tools, as well as being on site almost every day, walking the property and almost memorizing the land. He has worked in every lot, tagging and marking individual trees. Basically, he has memorized almost every tree in the entire 30 acres. He knows hundreds of trees personally.

***Often, our conversations start with Dave saying something like this to me: "Okay, so you remember when we were over by lot 6, and you look out towards the lot, and then there's that one tree to the right, you know the one that had the pink flag, well, if you're looking at that tree, three trees over to the left, then one tree back... I'm thinking about keeping that tree. What do you think? Should we keep it? Or should we log it?"*** (Note: Sadly, my vain attempts don't come close to his knowledge. I usually am lost at "three trees to the left" or just around there.)

So, Dave has designed each lot, and within each lot, each tree is marked and/or taped off, on whether or not to log. These photos are prior to logging on 7.20.2021.

LOT 1, before logging:

LOT 2, before logging:

LOT 3, before logging:

LOT 4, before logging:

LOT 5, before logging:

LOT 6, before logging:


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