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Our planning meeting is next week. Meanwhile, Dave has been working hard behind the scenes, getting information on the roads, fire insurance, natural gas, and other details. I'm waiting for a call back from the "friend" I made (amazingly nice man who works at the county, seems to know everything!) in regards to details on deforestation and property taxes.

Dave is also working on potential plans (location, placement, size) for a guest house right next to my house. Regulations and frugality place it just 20 feet away. Of course, I love this idea. Having that option for my mom if she chooses, or for my kids to rent between jobs/moves/etc. through the years, would be such a wonderful resource! This guest house will be (if things fall into place) where Dave and his family stay while building their home next door, allowing them to sell their current home and put all the cash into this house. Such a great plan!

Sample guest house plan:


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