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Ice storm, clearing the property and D.E.Q.

There has been a lot of behind-the-scenes planning, calling, emailing, and just figuring out how to deal with the massive amounts of debris on the property. There is a ton of debris from the recent ice storm, which downed branches and trees all across the Pacific NW after everything froze for a week under a heavy blanket of ice.

In addition, to clear the acreage and leave clear footprints for the homes, there will be a lot more debris created. There are many barriers, some brand new in the past 6 months, to getting rid of the branches and tree/plant debris that comes with these builds. Some of the newest regulations come from the state's DEQ.

Due to our location, within this area of new limitations imposed by the DEQ, we cannot burn any refuse from the trees as we clear. DEQ insists upon grinding, incinerating or disposing of the materials on site. But, we can't do burns- no burn piles- which is what is the typical way to dispose of material. All the other options are (of course) very costly and inefficient. Dave has researched so many options. But, he has figured out once again, a way to move forward with the build and allow us to continue this journey, while still being cost-effective and preserving the integrity of the forest. More details to come when we actually start the clearing!


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