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Hydroseed mixup

When developing, you're required to stabilize the soil to prevent erosion, etc. Dave chose a really specific, custom meadow mix of grasses and wildflowers, which included lupine and even poppies, which is such a perfect fit for Poppy Lane. This was our order:

And THIS was the company's "old" meadow blend, which we did not order. Shown in this you can see that California Brome, which is a very tall and strong grass- and shown in the old mix it is 50% of the mix. This is a grass we did not order, it is tall (4 feet) and crowds out anything else. However, the company made a mistake and put the mix with Brome onto all our sites and along the entire roadway, etc. We didn't realize it until the spring sunshine recently made the Brome shoot up far past the anticipated height, crowding out the flowers.

**Old blend photo here, taken off website:

What we ordered, below. The mix of flowers is visible, the grasses are short. This is at the property, near the entrance, which was applied on a different day (using our correct mix):

And, this is the mix with the brome, which is in almost all the other areas of the property. You can see how much taller it is than the miniature lupine and poppies, completely crowding them out:

Dave contacted the supplier, who was gracious and is going to reseed the entire thing with the correct mix. It will be a lot of extra work for Dave to manage, but they'll cover the cost which is substantial. Just one example of dozens that shows how you have to be on top of every tiny detail, even when you do things right from your end, things can (and do) go wrong with a project this big.


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