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gravel road

While I'm (somewhat impatiently) waiting for our planning meeting to take place, Dave is busy behind the scenes. One thing he's currently researching is the cost to put a road into the development. There are two options for the finish- gravel and pavement. We are leaning towards gravel. I looked online to find information about both.

Gravel Driveways


  1. Easy on your budget. Gravel is one of the most affordable surface material options available.

  2. Easy to maintain.

  3. Diverse style and quick installation


  1. Ruts and sinkholes may form.

  2. It can be dirty, particularly in summer.

Concrete Driveways


  1. Flexible in extreme climate conditions (very strong).

  2. Long lifespan.

  3. Clean surface.


  1. Costly to put in.

  2. Costly required maintenance due to breakdown.



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