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I didn't go fishing with Poppy often, but occasionally he would take us on a "kid-friendly" fishing trip (think 4th of July with a picnic, and Gram's chocolate cake, at a trout farm). It was always fun. A guaranteed catch, with Poppy helping bait our hooks and reminding us how to cast. Or how NOT to cast. Waiting impatiently to show him we could cast all by ourselves and hear him say, "Good one!". I can just hear his voice saying that!

This photo is of my grandparents, my brother (who now actually enjoys fishing, despite this contradicting picture), and myself. I don't remember the events of this particular day, but I look happy so I'm assuming it was a great one, despite my desperate need for a bang trim. One thing I want to remember when I have my own grandkids, is that what I remember most is the day-to-day activities with my own grandparents and having their undivided attention.


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