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Fire update

The Beachie Creek fire (more than 186,000 acres) and the Riverside Fire (130,000) have NOT merged yet, according to a news report at 10:15 am, Friday, 9/11/2020.

The article also said "crew are looking forward to the weather improving Friday and the weaker winds. The weather conditions are generally expected to improve firefighting conditions and allow crews to make more progress". The air quality is poor all over the state due to smoke, which for the green Pacific NW, is of course unusual. In fact I read it's the worst in the world right now.

The property is in the evacuation zone. So many people are evacuated in that area. And so many emergency people working so hard. I'll put a screenshot below of where the property is (black dot). The two nearby fires are huge. Hoping today it becomes more contained.



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