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Budgeting and Meal Planning 9/26-10/3

Updated: Oct 28

This week's meal plan:

Sunday: shaved steak sandwiches, fruit salad, sliced raw cucumbers and peppers.

Monday: sheet pan dinner w/sausages and roasted sweet potatoes, cauliflower and broccoli.

Tuesday: baked lemon halibut, baked potatoes, green salad

Wednesday: homemade chicken and rice soup, homemade bread

Friday: beef, carrot and potato stew

Saturday: leftovers/fend

+ Breakfasts = pumpkin bagels, cereal, toast, eggs.

+ Lunches = leftovers, sausage/cabbage, sandwiches.

LAST week's meal plan:

I failed my plan Monday due to a late-afternoon trip to visit a farm with baby goats. Which, was so worth the plan fail- I really want to get goats at my new little farm so this was such a fun outing! Mikey and I loved holding the baby goats. Our visit went through dinnertime, though, and I ended up buying the kids fast food. I do have a separate "eating out" budget, usually used for drive-thru (cheap) items or a Costco pizza. In addition, Friday night was a planned night out (birthday) which I had planned for in the birthday category of my budget. Taking my seven kids out to a "real" restaurant is always expensive, and pretty much reserved for birthdays. But, that does make it special and we always have a lot of fun.

This week's grocery spending notes (Sept 27-Oct 4):

This week, my Costco rebate came in the mail. I have the executive card, which gives you 2% back on your purchases once per year, in the form of a check. I used that today at Costco, and didn't even use all of it- and if you don't use it up, you get cash back for the remaining total- which I used at Trader Joe's. I love going there once a month or so, there are a few items I really enjoy having, including their assorted, pre-cooked chicken sausage, which makes quick lunches paired with roasted veggies and rice. I also went to Fred Meyers, making sure I checked the weekly coupons and specials. This week they had $3 and $4 off laundry detergent- Tide and All. I used both coupons and bought two jugs, the price for those (92/88oz sizes) was then 7.99 and 5.99, respectively. I always wait for these sales and buy at least 2-4 jugs. Then I never run out, and maybe more important, I never pay full-price.

This was an unusually cheap week again, as most of my meats are still stocked in the freezer, not to mention my rebate.

This week's numbers:

This week Costco: $0 out of pocket (but I did get groceries)

This week at Trader Joe's: $0 out of pocket (but I did get groceries)

This week Fred Meyer: $117.88

Eggs from local church member: 4.00

This week total: 121.88

This month so far:

Week 1 (Sept 5-11) 346.56

Week 2: (Sept 12-19) 41.49

Week 3: (Sept 20-27): 252.29

Week 4: (Sept 28-Oct 4): 121.88

Month total: $762.22

*I think this will be one of my lowest spending months, due to the rebate/cans back.



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