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Budgeting and Meal Planning 9/21

This week's meal plan:

Saturday: fend/leftovers

Sunday: grilled cheese sandwiches and apples

Monday: rice, roasted veggies and sliced chicken sausage

Tuesday: slow-cooker pork roast, mashed potatoes, salad

Wednesday: beef burrito bar Thursday: halibut, baked potatoes, cooked broccoli

Friday: eating out (Tyler's birthday)

+ Breakfasts = breakfast cookies, cream of wheat, cereal, fruit, toast.

+ Lunches = leftovers, sandwiches, mac and cheese, soup, veggies/fruit.

LAST week's meal plan:

I stuck to the plan and made every meal. When I do stick to my meal plans, my week is easier overall, and I definitely spend less.

This week's grocery spending notes (Sept 20-27):

Again, very little meat was needed due to my stocked freezer, so that kept my overall cost lower. I did buy the pork roast this week. I mostly needed a lot of produce, but I took advantage of Fred Meyer's Mega event, buying KIND bars (1.99/box if you buy 5), Mom's Best Organic cereal (1.49/box if you buy 5).

This week's numbers:

This week Costco: 140.22

This week Fred Meyer: 103.57

Eggs from local church member: 4.00

Milk from local farm: 4.50

This week total: 252.29

This month so far:

Week 1 (Sept 5-11) 346.56

Week 2: (Sept 12-19) 41.49

Week 3: (Sept 20-27): 252.29

Week 4: (Sept 28-Oct 2): TBD

Total for Sept (so far): 640.34

On another note, the kids are learning how to budget. The older kids are using YNAB (app) and Mikey is using the envelope system:



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