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Budgeting and Meal planning 11/9 - 11/15

This week's meal plan:

Sat: *only 2 kids at home, got them fast food while out letting my son practice driving

Sun: *Visited other son at college,, fast food again, this time for 4.

Mon: homemade chili, roasted veggies

Tues: eggroll in a bowl (using ground beef, cabbage)

Wed: homemade Mexican rice and refried beans, fresh salsa, chips

Thurs: homemade chicken noodle soup

Fri: sheet pan supper: sausage, potato, carrots and broccoli

Sat: leftovers/fend

+ breakfasts: banana bread, baked oatmeal (one of kids is making for culinary).

+ lunches: pita/hummus, chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, sandwiches.

+ Food prep this weekend included: baking banana bread, slicing summer sausage, peppers, and cucumbers for snacks. Oldest child made a huge batch of yellow coconut rice with collard greens to share, and younger son made cookies for culinary. My middle daughter shredded the rotisserie chickens. My son (who works at a food co-op) got a huge (HUGE) tub of whipped butter as a gift last week. We repackaged it into 1 cup increments and froze them- we now won't need butter for the butter dish for a long time.

**Menu plan fail- I bought fast food (unplanned) this weekend- twice.

This week's grocery spending notes (Nov 9-15):

Fred Meyer had a great price on Tillamook cheese (5.99), so I grabbed that. I had a 1.00 off coupon for oatmilk, for my dairy-free daughter. I had to buy a new kitchen scrub brush (4.99) and of course, lots of produce. Also got bananas off the markdown shelf and made 2 loaves of banana bread. At Costco, I bought shampoo and conditioner for the "kid" bathroom. I like the huge pump bottles for them, and whenever they go on sale, I try to buy them. This weekend the Pantene brand were 7.99 each. I also bought 2 rotisserie chickens at Costco (4.99 each). One will be shredded for freezer.

This week's numbers:

Costco: 64.10

Fred Meyer 94.50

Fast food: 62.53

Total: 221.13

This month totals far:

Week 1 (Nov 1-8): 233.50

Week 2 (Nov 8-15): 221.13

Week 3 (Nov 15-22):

Week 4 (Nov 22-29):

Total: TBD

Previous numbers:


Total for month: 762.20, Average per week: 190.55


Total for month (*includes beef buy) 1,155.61. Average per week: 288.90

Son practicing driving with his newly-acquired permit:



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