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Budgeting and Meal Planning 11/16 - 11/22

Updated: Nov 17

This week's meal plan:

Sat: grilled cheese sandwiches

Sun: lentils with turmeric rice and roasted veggies

Mon: lemon chicken with roasted potatoes, broccoli

Tues: bean and beef burritos w/ Mexican rice, roasted veggies

Wed: homemade chicken noodle soup, homemade bread

Thurs: spaghetti, steamed broccoli and carrots, homemade bread

Fri: leftovers/fend

+ breakfasts: breakfast cookies, cold cereal, bagels with pb or cream cheese, eggs.

+ lunches: sandwiches, pinto beans w/Mexican rice, mac and cheese, rice/veggies/sausage, sliced veggies, apples, mandarins.

+ Food prep this weekend included: prepped/sliced broccoli, yellow peppers, cauliflower, radishes, sweet potatoes, made breakfast cookies, a big pan of homemade mac and cheese, and soaking/cooking dried pinto beans for the burritos.

This week's grocery spending notes (Nov 9-15):

This was a "pantry stocking" weekend (along with getting normal produce/bread/milk). Fred Meyer had a great price on Tillamook cheese (5.99) AGAIN this week, so I grabbed another one. I made mac and cheese for kid lunches this week. I stocked up on baking supplies, so I'll hopefully be more ready for holiday baking. I bought powdered sugar (1.66/ 2lb. bag), brown sugar (1.66/ 2lb. bag) , shortening, and milk chocolate chips (2 bags/$5.00). I also replenished the pantry with 10 cans of diced tomatoes (.67c each), and Barilla pasta which I prefer for certain dishes, ringing in at $1.01/box.

At Costco, I did more pantry stocking, including adding a huge bag of sugar (10lbs for 6.29), chili powder (5.49), olives (8 cans for 9.49), 2 containers of "Better than Bullion" which I LOVE having on hand (5.99 each), and coconut milk (8 cans/8.99). Thankfully I have plenty of toilet paper! Haha.

This week's numbers:

Costco: 100.03

Fred Meyer: 126.72

Total: 226.75

This month totals far:

Week 1 (Nov 1-8): 233.50

Week 2 (Nov 8-15): 221.13

Week 3 (Nov 15-22): 226.75

Week 4 (Nov 22-29):

Total: TBD

Previous numbers:


Total for month: 762.20, Average per week: 190.55


Total for month (*includes beef buy) 1,155.61. Average per week: 288.90

November: TBD

Another kid doing a culinary "lab", otherwise known as peanut butter chocolate chip granola bars:



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