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Budgeting and Meal planning 11/1-11/8

This week's meal plan:

Sat: chili, cornbread, caesar salad

Sun: chicken and veggie rice bowls

Mon: chicken/bean/cheese quesadillas, roasted veggies

Tues: creamy chicken and rice bake

Wed: hamburger gravy, mashed potatoes, cooked broccoli and carrots

Thurs: halibut, baked potatoes, corn

Fri: homemade mac and cheese

Sat: leftovers

+ breakfasts: breakfast cookies, eggs, smoothies

+ lunches: pita/hummus, Egg/potato/bacon skillet hash, chicken nuggets, fresh fruit and veggies, pbj's.

+ Food prep this weekend included: cutting/roasting a huge pan of veggies to start week and baking pumpkin bars.

This week's grocery spending notes (Nov 1-7):

This week I bought a lot of fresh vegetables and fresh fruit. There was good prices on a few things at Fred Meyers- English cucumbers (.88c/each), cabbage (.59c/lb), and eggs (.50/dozen). Other than produce, at Fred Meyer I only bought lunchmeat (for my son who has some odd jobs this week and needs to pack a lunch), the eggs, and a few boxes of crackers. At Costco I bought many of my usual purchases- bags of russet potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, onions, a rotisserie chicken, toilet paper, and my vice, a box of cans of diet Pepsi. I also stocked up on some easy snacks for the kids including goldfish, cheez-its, pita bread, and muffins. No special deals, cans, or rebates this month.

This week's numbers:

Costco: 122.46

Fred Meyer 111.04

Total: 233.50

This month totals far:

Week 1 (Nov 1-8): 233.50

Week 2 (Nov 8-15):

Week 3 (Nov 15-22):

Week 4 (Nov 22-29):

Total: TBD

Previous numbers:


Total for month: 762.20, Average per week: 190.55


Total for month (*includes beef buy) 1,155.61. Average per week: 288.90

*beef buy $390.00

Reminiscing today about how we used to go to Hawaii together when I was young. I was truly spoiled! Such fun memories.



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