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Budgeting and Meal Planning 10/3-10/10

Updated: Oct 28

This week's meal plan: Saturday: fend

Sunday: chicken vegetable yakisoba

Monday: homemade beef chili over baked potatoes, homemade bread, broccoli

Tuesday: dinner at church (missionary speaker)

Wednesday: sloppy joe's, oven steak fries, green salad

Thurs: halibut, baked potatoes, veggies

Fri: homemade macaroni and cheese, veggies +lunches: pita/hummus. sandwiches, sausage/cabbage, leftovers, breakfast

+breakfasts: bagels, eggs, cereal, homemade muffins

LAST week's meal plan: I stuck to my plan last week. And we even got to visit goats again, in the evening- but I didn't let those amazing little animals deter my plan this time!

This week's grocery spending notes (Oct 4- Oct 10): Costco:

I had a rare return. I had bought sheets a last month, which after a few weeks of use/wash, stretched out so fast that they didn't stay on the bed. I normally wouldn't return a used item, but these were awful. I received a 31.99 refund, which I put towards my bill. I added flour (25lbs, 7.39) to my pantry and sugar (10 lbs, 6.29) on this trip. I always aim to keep all my staples stocked up.

Total: 60.28 - 31.99 = 28.29

Fred Meyer:

This week my rebate for Fred Meyers came in the mail! Must be the month for rebates. I received a 32.00 rebate. I bought almost all produce at Fred Meyer, plus some bread and chicken. My total after the rebate was 33.45.

This week's numbers: This week Costco: 28.29 This week Fred Meyer: 33.45 This week total: 61.74

This month so far:

Week 1: 61.74

Week 2: TBD

Week 3: TBD

Week 4: TBD

Week 5: TBD



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