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Budgeting and Meal Planning 10/24-10/31

Updated: Nov 2

This week's meal plan:

Sat: fend

Sun: dinner at family (birthday celebration)

Mon: crunchy tacos

Tues: homemade chicken and rice soup, homemade bread

Wed: spaghetti, roasted veggies

Thurs: halibut, potatoes, corn

Fri: leftovers

+ breakfasts: breakfast cookies, eggs, cereal, smoothies

+ lunches: pita/hummus, Egg/potato/bacon hash, chicken nuggets, fresh fruit and veggies, pbj sandwiches, tuna.

+ Food prep this weekend included: breakfast cookies

This week's grocery spending notes (Oct 24-31):

This week I stocked up on some random items (again) for my 2 high schoolers who are taking home economics (at home, haha). They pick the recipes, so I wind up with items I wouldn't normally buy. Other than that, a normal week.

This week's numbers:

Costco: 112.65

Fred Meyer 96.59

Total: 209.24

This month so far:

Week 1(10/3-10/10): 61.74

Week 2(10/10-10/17): 311.53

Week 3 (10/17-10/24): 573.10

Week 4 (10/24-11/1): 209.24

Total: 1,155.61

Previous numbers:


Total for month: 762.20, Average per week: 190.55


Total for month: 1,155.61. Average per week: 288.90



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