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Budgeting and meal planning

Updated: Sep 15

Every week I read Brandy's posts at the blog The Prudent Homemaker. I really don't like to miss a week, and if I do, I always go back and catch up. I love her photography, but I really love her tips on saving money. And all the comments each week are really fun to read.

I love finding ways to save money. I have a detailed, planned budget- and I do stick to it. Garage sales and thrift stores are so fun- I love the thrill finding a good deal. Last week at Goodwill, I found a singular butter knife to add to our silverware drawer. I'm picky and I rarely find my favorite brand (Reed and Barton) and my knife was .49c. Online, you can buy that knife for about $20. Thrifting has become a hobby, but also a great way to save money through the years.

As a mother of seven, with six currently living at home, the grocery budget has always been a big part of my overall spending. Particularly in the last 5 years, with all the kids basically eating like adults (or, in the case of my teenage boys- a lot more). However, I think I'm heading the other direction. I'm realizing my food bill should, from here on, get lower, as my kids are slowly leaving the nest. Second only to my mortgage, I would love to see my spending decrease in this area. So, I'm going to track it for awhile, to compare. I'm curious to see if it goes down. I include all toiletries, laundry items, etc. in my grocery category.

50+ pounds of berries, picked this summer

This week's meal plan:

Sat: leftovers Sun: scrambled egg sandwiches

Monday: rice bowls w/ beans and roasted veggies

Tuesday: spaghetti, salad

Wednesday: sloppy joe's, baked potatoes, fruit

Thursday: halibut, roasted potatoes, broccoli

Friday: grilled cheese

+ Breakfasts = breakfast cookies, cream of wheat, eggs, cereal, fruit, toast

+ Lunches = leftovers, sandwiches, mac and cheese, soup, veggies/fruit.

This week's grocery spending (Sept 12-19)

I spent a very low amount this week, which averages out to be a fairly normal month so far, maybe even a little low. I only needed produce and a couple random items, plus I had some credits this week (returns, bottles) that took my cash total down.

The Numbers:

This week Costco: 14.37

This week Fred Meyer: 27.12

This week total: 41.49

This low amount is due to a few things.

-At Fred Meyer, I had my bottle drop credit at Fred Meyer, where you turn in your refundable bottles and get the funds + an extra 20%, if you use in store credit. That's a no-brainer for me. I also had a $5 off coupon, off my total purchase.

-At Costco, I had a credit for 2 returned items.

-I recently stocked up on meat and have plenty, including halibut and ground beef from my food co-op.

Total for Sept (so far): $388.05

We will see how the rest of the month goes!



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