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And the planning continues.

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Question: “There is a deep welled-out area in the land where I show the road, and the turn around is in a low point also- in lot 4. I show some elevation snaps I got off google earth in the drawing as well as an arial 3d shot showing the creek line. Any idea on how I can modify this so we can get it ready for the pre- app I am currently working on setting up?”

Answer: I’d probably try to follow the terrain a bit more if the drainage way is as steep as you say. The driveway should swing up the draw to follow the contours more closely and avoid a major fill. I’d also recommend using the drainage way as a dividing point between parcels, so that people have the full use of land that they own instead of having a piece across the draw that they can’t access easily. The road easement doesn’t need to be as wide as you have shown. Probably 30’ in width would be adequate. You’ll need a fire truck turnaround at the end of the private drive.”


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