Budgeting and Meal Planning 10/17

This week's meal plan: Sat: fend Sun: leftovers (ate out for lunch) Mon: chicken and rice bake, apples, veggies Tues: crunch beef tacos, steamed broccoli Wed: beef stew, homemade bread Thurs: halibut, rice pilaf, roasted veggies Fri: leftovers + breakfasts: breakfast cookies, eggs, cereal, smoothies + lunches: pita/hummus, Egg/potato/bacon hash, sausage with cabbage, chicken nuggets, fresh fruit and veggies, pbj sandwiches, tuna. +Food prep this weekend included: breakfast cookies LAST week's meal plan: I stuck to my plan last week except for Sunday after church, I took 4 of the kids (the youngest 4) out to eat. This week's grocery spending notes (Oct 17-24): Costco: 69.62 Included two roti


We met Dave and hiked the property again a few days ago. This time, I took two of the boys. Mikey found some kind of a bone, and we saw multiple, enormous spiders, much to my dismay. But the tiny mushrooms popping up everywhere, birds chirping, and sunshine was beautiful. Mikey and I dubbed one section of the property the "Jurassic Fern" area, due to the waist-high ferns you have to push through in order to get around. One interesting note- we found an area on the back side of the property that looks like it's really wet in the winter. Dave has to modify the plans and the road in order to accommodate this new finding, as no one could possibly build on it. He pulled a photo from an old real e

Another approval

Dave texted today and said our plans were approved for land-use, and additionally, we don't have to worry about the wetland area. Dave's careful designs for the development keep the winter stream and surrounding areas intact, so no problems were found. Just waiting for the line-of-sight issue to be formally decided on! Pic of the stream/wetland area after a recent downpour (Sept. 2020):

Budgeting and Meal Planning 10/10

This week's meal plan: Sat: fend Sun: homemade mac and cheese Mon: sheet pan supper: sliced sausage, roasted veggies, chickpeas Tues: chicken, black bean bean and rice burrito bar Wed: spaghetti, bread, green salad Thurs: halibut, baked potatoes, veggies Fri: grilled cheese + breakfasts: homemade applesauce, banana muffins, eggs, cereal. + lunches: pita/hummus, Egg/potato/bacon hash, sandwiches, Chicken Waldorf salad on apples or lettuce (or bread), mac and cheese. +Food prep this weekend included: frosted pumpkin bars, banana muffins, applesauce. I also prepped a big pan of homemade mac and cheese for my 21 year old daughter (and her boyfriend) who are both super busy. Plus, then I get to

Planning Meeting Today

We had our planning meeting today with the county. There were 8 people in attendance (via Zoom, courtesy of Covid-19). Dave had all the information ready to go, and the meeting went smoothly. Next step is still waiting for the decision on the line-of-sight issue. Dave has a surveyor scheduled for next week (Oct 14th), and we should know within the next month or so. But, everything seems positive thus far! Dave's notes, from his latest email: • Completed due diligence on costing and development and my ability to fund it : Done. Road design and build, engineering and planning fees (Civil & Geotech), logging 5-6 acres for building sites including roadway width, land clearing, stump removal, sep


Recently I've been sorting through my "memory" boxes that have become a bit too full over the years. I pulled a letter out of the box, written by one of my girls. It looked just like a rather generic letter from camp, and I couldn't remember why I saved it. Then I looked at how she addressed it at the top and immediately remembered! Such a funny example of "big family" issues!

Budgeting and Meal Planning 10/4

This week's meal plan: Saturday: fend Sunday: chicken vegetable yakisoba Monday: homemade beef chili over baked potatoes, homemade bread, broccoli Tuesday: dinner at church (missionary speaker) Wednesday: sloppy joe's, oven steak fries, green salad Thurs: halibut, baked potatoes, veggies Fri: homemade macaroni and cheese, veggies +lunches: pita/hummus. sandwiches, sausage/cabbage, leftovers, breakfast +breakfasts: bagels, eggs, cereal, homemade muffins LAST week's meal plan: I stuck to my plan last week. And we even got to visit goats again, in the evening- but I didn't let those amazing little animals deter my plan this time! This week's grocery spending notes (Oct 4- Oct 10): Costco: I

Line of Sight: update

Dave went to the property today and did an informal measurement regarding the line of sight issue that I wrote about last week. He knows he can raise the road into the property 9 inches above grade, if necessary. Right now it's 4 inches below grade, giving a 13 inch difference, if needed. Based on that, and the measurement from the road to the hill that is creating the possible issue, that brings us somewhere between really close and over the requirement. He has already booked a surveyor to come out, and hopefully they'll confirm his findings from today. Video: this was taken with him kneeling:



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